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Elektroniczna Skrzynka Podawcza - Urząd Gminy Iwkowa

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Iwkowa en


Iwkowa District is situated on the border of Beskid Wyspowy and the western part of Pogórze Rożnowskie, 8 kilometres from the state road connecting Brzesko and Nowy Sącz, not far from Jezioro Rożnowskie (Rożnów Lake). It covers an area of 47, 2 km. Over 6000 people live there. There are 6 villages in the district: Iwkowa, Dobrociesz, Porąbka Iwkowska,Połom Mały, Kąty, Drużków Pusty and Wojakowa. The valley, where Iwkowa is situated, is famous for its beautiful hills and surrounding forests, fresh air and the hospitality of its inhabitants .


There are not only stunning views in this region, but also some interesting and valuable relics of historical and spiritual heritage of previous generations. An old medieval wooden church from the 14th century, a manor–house with a granary, St. Urban’s Hermitage and the Insurrectionists’ Spring should attract visitors’ attention as well as the Parish Museum with its rich collection of exhibits and a small Heritage Park. And if you like reading you will be also very welcome to the public library in Iwkowa which is a very friendly place. A careful tourist, trekking all around the district, notices a lot of small old chapels by the roads, in the forests and on the fields. There are two folk bands in the Iwkowa District – ‘Iwkowianie’ and ‘Mali Iwkowianie’, one children’s singing and dancing group ‘Malwinki’, a brass band of Iwkowa and a parish choir of Wojakowa. You can take part in plenty of events organized in the district such as concerts, exhibitions, art and poetry competitions, etc. Every year the Iwkowa District invites visitors and inhabitants to many open-air mass events promoting its achievements and the beauty of nature. Everybody can attend the Family Bike Ride called ‘The Gold Bike Cup’ and the Festival of Dried Plum. Fruit dried in a traditional way (plums, apples, pears) have always been characteristic of this region. Other traditional products here are also unique e.g. delicious sausages and ham and very aromatic vodka ‘imbirówka’ (ginger vodka).


 When you think Iwkowa District, it means spending your time far away from the city tumult surrounded by great views and hospitable people. You can stay in many guest-houses and tourist farms. Some tourist and biking routes encourage people to active leisure and some picturesque viewpoints give them unforgettable impressions. When you visit Iwkowa District in summer, you can see many performances and open-air events. You can also find some sports facilities in here like a big gym, football stadiums, children’s playgrounds and a stud farm with Arab and Hucul horses. The most famous hotel ‘White Deer’ waits for guests all year long and guarantees a wide range of attractions.


 There are about 270 businessmen in Iwkowa District who run their small family firms. Every year they take part in the: ‘Man of the Year’ and ‘Firm of the Year’ competitions. Then they have an opportunity to present themselves – their work and products then. The winner of the competition is a businessman whose work gives profit to the local community and promotes it the most.


 Iwkowa is also known as a place where you can trek and walk a lot. There are two trails in Iwkowa – the green one and the black one allocated by PTTK and two biking routes – the small one and the big one, allocated by the local council. Apart from tourists can find two other denoted trails – one to St. Urban Hermitage and the other, called ‘Dried PlumTrail’. And, in the end, you should not have any problems with noticing many wooden boards with the names of particular fields in Iwkowa. They come from the past and remind one of the old administrative division of the village.

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